Friday, June 24, 2011

Building a movement together

Check out and participate in the first step in the process! 
Student Challenges and Feedback Form

The Future Midwives Coalition and the Student Section of Midwives Alliance of North America have joined together to create the Future Midwives Alliance.

We, the future midwives, are working together to create a Student Bill of Rights and Apprentice Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. The Student Bill of Rights is intended to represent all midwives across all known lines, including: nurse midwifery, DEM, CPM, licensed/unlicensed, traditional et. al..  The Apprentice Statement of Rights and Responsibilities is intended to codify the ethical relationship between student and preceptor.

Our purpose in this work is:
-to bring visibility and voice to the challenges of all students (past, present, and future) in a setting that is safe, anonymous, confidential, and solutions oriented.
-to outline the rights of students in an inclusive and respectful way to benefit all midwives and the future of midwifery.
-to begin a movement in midwifery in which all midwives and students, including those in currently marginalized communities, in the apprenticeship model are treated with respect and can succeed in this work of passing on the midwifery model of care in a spirit of support and nurturing with room for differences, to create a common language and model for relationships between students and preceptors that can be agreed on and practiced by many.

We see this as an opportunity to improve conditions under which people become midwives, thereby strengthening the midwifery community, leading to the potential for greater unity among future midwives and creating opportunities for future midwives of currently marginalized communities.

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