Friday, January 6, 2012

Public Letter Re: Upcoming CPM Symposium

Dear NACPM leader,
I am excited to see this happening and am interested how you plan to incorporate the student voice into discussions about making midwifery education sustainable.  As a founding member and co-director of the Future Midwives Alliance I would like to represent the needs and voice of students in this symposium.  It is however financially prohibitive for me to attend even at the early bird member rate.

A major project the Future Midwives Alliance is working on in contribution to this work is a Midwifery Student Bill of Rights.  We are working to document the inherent rights and responsibilities of midwifery students in a respectful way.  We believe that the more sustainable midwifery education becomes the better future midwifery has.  As part of our process we have mentors and advisers from the community both for the documents and our organization and we will put out our drafts for several rounds of feedback before the final publication.  We are basing our work in large part on the Nursing and Medical Student Bills of Rights.

We believe that this work is a major contribution to the conversation you are facilitating at the Symposium.  

I look forward to your response.
Many Blessings,
Co-Director Future Midwives Alliance

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