Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wow, so it has been a while since we lasted posted on the blog. In case you weren't aware FMA is  entirely run in our spare time so when lives get busy, things slow down (at least our communication with the outside world slows.) Even though we haven't been in touch of late we have made some HUGE progress.

Time for some announcements!
  • The first draft of the Midwifery Student's Bill of Rights is ready for review and feedback! It is printed in the spring issue of SQUAT Birth Journal. Sincere thanks to for supporting the Bill of Rights. 
It is also available here:

This has been a major feat and has incorporated the words and wisdom of many elder and young midwives alike. A rigorous survey process was used to create the framework. We are proud of the document (and still very open to constructive criticism.) There will be three rounds but this initial one is very important. Feedback can be sent to:

  • We did receive a response from the NACPM, so thanks for writing! Janelle and Jeramie applied for scholarship and were both offered $300 scholarships. Unfortunately, this was not enough for us to make it to the symposium. Unfortunately neither of us were able to make the streaming option, however we hope to be able to collaborate with the NACPM in the future and appreciate their efforts
  • We are looking for volunteers specifically graphic designers, programmers, social media folks, and grant writers! Do you have any of these skills and have even just 2 hours a week to donate? Email us!
  • We had a small leap ahead in California this week. The Chief of Medical Licensing read our document and has asked to see the completed version! Yay! That said, we still need help spread the word and getting feedback.
Please send the following link to everyone you know and ask them to take a minute to let us know what they love and what they don't.

copy/ paste this link:

Thanks for your continued support. You can support us by joining FMA ($0-50/year), volunteering your time and spreading the word. In Solidarity.

Jeramie & Janelle