Feedback Form

The Future Midwives Alliance is working to create a Student Bill of Rights. As a foundational part of this process we are seeking aspiring midwives, working apprentices, student midwives, and practicing midwives who have encountered specific challenges regarding their experiences as students. These challenges may be regarding barriers to formal midwifery programs or apprenticeship style training, relationships with their preceptors, with their school, or with any other part of the process of studying to be a midwife. The Student Bill of Rights is intended to represent all midwives across all known lines, including: nurse midwifery, DEM, CPM, licensed/unlicensed, traditional et. al.. 
We specifically encourage people from marginalized communities to share their experiences so that we can create documents that serve all future midwives, in a truly inclusive way. 
Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible. 

The intention of this work is to bring visibility and voice to the challenges of all students (past, present, and future) in a setting that is safe, anonymous, confidential, and solutions oriented. We see this as an opportunity to improve conditions under which people become midwives, thereby strengthening the midwifery community, leading to the potential for greater unity among future midwives.

Please contact us at: with questions.