Join the movement.  Become a member.

To join Future Midwives Alliance please go to our membership form here.  

We are a student founded organization that is open for membership to all who identify as student midwives and our allies.  

Student Membership
As members you will be standing in solidarity with student midwives and giving rise to a grass roots movement whereby we learn to recognize and honor the unique value we each bring to midwifery.  

As part of this movement we will be organizing local chapter meetings and regional conferences where students can find support and mentorship. Please refer to our Statement of Purpose for more details about this organization.

We believe we must represent ourselves in a fast growing and changing profession.  We bring voice to the experiences of students and our unique insights for the betterment of midwifery.

Ally Membership
We also offer an Ally membership for those who are not students but stand in solidarity with the purpose of this organization.  The membership fee is the same.  If you are able please consider giving a donation via Paypal to or through the link on the top right hand corner.

Membership fees are sliding scale $0-$50 per calendar year.  Every penny will go to support the work we are doing.  This is a volunteer run organization.  We are dependent on our membership fees and donations to do this work.