Sample Code of Ethics

Medical Student Bill of Rights

Nursing Student Bill of Rights

The following is a sample of the kind of code of ethics we are working to create.  This is the newly adopted policy of the Midwives Alliance of North America Student Section.

Valuing Unique Backgrounds Policy
Midwives Alliance Student Section

To be implemented in student section meetings and on the MANA Students and New Midwives Yahoo Group as well as in any gathering where students and new midwives who are members of MANA are present.

Each of us was born into a unique life situation.  We grew up in different locations, raised by our own families who had unique values and experiences.  We each came to view the world based on our own experiences.  What we each have in common is our dedication to maternity care.  It is important to remember both the differences and similarities when we gather, whether in person or online. When we gather it is required that we respect each other.  As we respect each other so we respect ourselves and our clients.  Our uniqueness is what makes our discussions so enriching.  These includes race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, philosophy and choice of educational path to midwifery as well as how we choose to practice.

Our Affirmation
  • We value each person and honor their voice, perspective, concerns, and contributions.
  • We affirm that each student and new midwife has a unique background and this gives her strength.
  • We seek to give voice to each and every student and new midwife because we all benefit greatly from each other’s strengths.
  • We, the students and new midwives of Midwives Alliance, stand in solidarity with midwives around the world.
  • We choose to engage with each other in humility, always open to each other’s perspectives, ready to hear each other out and also find strength in our own voices.
  • We commit to holding each other accountable in these values.
The Standard
In any gathering whether in person or online where one or more  members of the MANA Student Section are present, there is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of discrimination or disparaging of other’s unique experiences, choices or perspectives.

Words that insult or hurt other’s feelings are not acceptable.  Words or actions that disparage any culture, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or other group member will lead to consequences.

For Online Gatherings (including the MANA Student and New Midwife Yahoo Group)
Please think 5 times before posting.  Consider that written word lacks tone and your message could be read in ways you did not intend.  While we want this to be a safe place for self expression, this means that we must express ourselves respectfully and with purpose.

    • Moderator will respond to prejudiced email with a copy of the Valuing Unique Backgrounds Policy.
    • Moderator will outline the specific statements made that were discriminatory.
    • Moderator will request apology of the person in breach of this Policy to the group.
Consequences for lack of apology or continued breach:
    • Moderator will remove person in breach from the yahoo group.

For in person gatherings
In any gathering where one or more  members of the MANA Student Section are present, this policy is in effect.  

If a student or new midwife infringes on this policy and you feel that it needs to be addressed please contact the Student Section Chair with your grievance by emailing

The Section Chair will form a peer review of 3-5 students and new midwives and facilitate a grievance peer review addressing the concerns with the intention of positive solution and affirmation of the unique value of all persons involved.

See the Grievance Peer Review Protocol for details.