Statement of Purpose

As the Midwives Alliance Student Section Chair for two years I, Janelle, was and continue to be privy to many stories from students regarding the challenges they face. Many of these challenges reflect the instability of a changing profession in an increasingly hostile practicing environment.  Others highlight the need for a more formal code of ethics regarding the student midwife’s role as she pursues midwifery practice.  Still others highlight the need for growth in cultural awareness and humility among preceptors and students.
As an editor of SQUAT Birth Journal I, Jeramie, have become increasingly aware of national and international challenges facing young midwives. A shift in the way we train and foster young midwives in our community is essential. The next generation of midwives, our generation, is ripe and willing to work together towards increased collaboration, creativity, inclusiveness, and cooperation. This has been voiced by many who have reached out to SQUAT as an integral part of their calling to birth work and I have come to believe that this work holds a significant piece of what I have to contribute to my community.

We have formed the Future Midwives Alliance in response to these concerns and needs that have been voiced by members of the midwifery community. As radicalization, engaged democracy, and direct action are gaining momentum around the world the Future Midwives Alliance is a birthing place for this work within the midwifery community. The ripples of this work will be felt and realized by the birthing m/others we serve and by the aspiring midwives joining our ranks.
We see this as an opportunity to improve conditions under which people become midwives, thereby strengthening the midwifery community, leading to the potential for greater unity among future midwives and creating opportunities for future midwives of currently marginalized communities.

Our purpose
  • to bring visibility and voice to the challenges of all students (past, present, and future) in a setting that is safe, anonymous, confidential, and solutions oriented.
  • to outline the rights of students in an inclusive and respectful way to benefit all midwives and the future of midwifery.
  • with room for differences, to create a common language and model for relationships between students and preceptors that can be agreed on and practiced by many.
  • to begin a movement in midwifery in which all midwives and students, including those in currently marginalized communities, in the apprenticeship model are treated with respect and can succeed in this work of passing on the midwifery model of care in a spirit of support and nurturing.
The work
We are working to create a Student Bill of Rights which will codify the basic rights of student midwives and the relationships with their preceptors.  This is an organization which seeks the participation of all parties who may have interest in the resulting documents and our purpose.  This includes all student midwives and all midwives regardless of credential or status.

Your role
We are seeking people who are excited to participate in a project that is consciously working to restructure the current social paradigms that relate to midwifery training and education, with a focus on social justice.