Student Advocate Network

Soon this page will have a list of student advocates who are available to support students in a variety of ways.  Advocates will be trained and certified by FMA.

Until we are able to get that up and running we have made ourselves available to support you if you need to process a situation with a party who is not involved and is committed to confidentiality.  We are also available by Skype if you need someone to be present while you have a conversation with your preceptor.

To access these services please email with your first name, a brief summary of your situation and needs, a phone number to reach you, and some good times/days to call.  

We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.  Remember that these are volunteer services that we provide because we know how important they are.


  • This process is confidential.
  • We are here to support you.
  • We want to hear about your situation but please do some processing before you contact us (perhaps sit down with pen and paper).  Have an idea what your needs are and be open to outside perspective.  We will be the most useful to you if you have gotten past the initial emotions of your situation.
  • That said, we are also available for crisis calls.  If you just need to call and process a situation.